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In the world a huge number of coffee lovers. One of the reasons why an invigorating aromatic and astringent drink is so popular lies in the property of coffee to speed up metabolism. Partly due to this property of coffee, "slim" abilities are attributed. In addition, in recent years, the so-called green coffee for weight loss has become widespread. What does this drink have in common with regular coffee and what are its unique advantages?

Slimming coffee is not just coffee!

The basis of ordinary coffee and coffee for weight loss is one - a mixture of beans of various coffee varieties of varying degrees of roasting, but this is where their similarity ends. And all because, in addition to coffee beans, the composition of coffee for weight loss also includes special components that contribute to the improvement of the gastrointestinal tract, the acceleration of metabolism.

Typically, specialized coffee for weight loss includes:

  • fresh coffee, which speeds up metabolic processes and removes excess water from the body;
  • green tea - which also has a diuretic effect;
  • guarana - charges the body with energy and helps regulate body temperature;
  • Garcinia - helps the digestion process, regulates blood sugar and promotes normal energy metabolism;
  • guatsuma - does not allow fats to be absorbed;
  • bitter orange - helps restore metabolism;
  • spices - help not to feel hunger, while also normalizing the metabolism in the body;
  • muraya - acts on the body as a natural antidepressant;
  • rhubarb - promotes normal digestion.
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Also in coffee for weight loss may contain the following elements:

  1. pectin - promotes the removal of toxins from the body;
  2. chrome - controls appetite, suppresses hunger and reduces cravings for sweets;
  3. ascorbic acid - helps to strengthen the immune system and is a natural antioxidant for the body;
  4. L-carnitine - thanks to it, the muscles of the body are in good shape and function normally;
  5. bromelain - restores metabolism.

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But we must not forget about caffeine, which is contained both in regular coffee and in coffee for weight loss. Besides the fact that caffeine is useful for digestion and really helps to lose weight by accelerating metabolic processes, this substance also has a positive effect on the brain, increases mental and physical performance, and also fights drowsiness and fatigue. But only if they are not abused!

Diet Slimming Coffee

Coffee for weight loss, as a drink, can be consumed with food, which can not be said about the coffee diet. The fact is that the basic principle of such a diet is a complete rejection of sugar and other foods, except bitter chocolate (150g per day) and, in fact, the coffee itself. At the same time, coffee for weight loss will be effective only if you drink it with a break of at least 2 hours. The last cup of coffee should be drunk no later than 7 pm, so that you do not have problems with sleep.

Coffee and chocolate will remove excess fluid from your body, so you can’t drink anything other than coffee in this diet. But if you are very thirsty, you are allowed to drink a glass of mineral water. You can only follow a coffee diet for a maximum of 3 days, otherwise you may have health problems, especially with the digestive tract and the cardiovascular system.

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Slimming coffee is not recommended for people under the age of 18 and over 35 years old, hypertensive patients suffering from digestive problems, as well as people who are very susceptible and have problems with the nervous system. Due to the large amount of caffeine consumed per day, people with heart disease are not allowed to drink coffee for weight loss.

Nutritionists advise drinking coffee for weight loss with vegetables and fruits, as well as drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day and brushing your teeth after each cup of coffee. Slimming coffee, a coffee diet, or just a cup of coffee in the morning is up to you. Most importantly, remember that any diet should be followed correctly and not harm your health.


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