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cappuccino for weight loss

Now coffee lovers have another reason to drink a cup or two of an invigorating drink a day without guilt. Dr. Bob Arno says coffee helps you lose weight. Is this really so?

Many people cannot imagine their life without a morning cup of coffee, or even two or three throughout the day. Coffee helps to wake up, feel more active and cheerful, and also has a delicious taste and aroma. And although coffee is not considered the most useful drink, not everyone can refuse it.


Now coffee lovers have one more reason without any conscience to leave this daily drink in their diet. Dr. Bob Arno’s new book entitled “Coffee lover’s diet: change your coffee, change your life” made a splash, as it states that coffee will help not only to open your eyes in the morning, but also to lose weight.

Dr. Arno explains coffee is a secret weapon because it helps accelerate weight loss while maintaining a balanced, low-calorie diet. “Coffee will slightly improve your metabolism,” he says and explains that caffeine helps burn about a hundred calories, and also increases activity that can be used in training.

In addition, coffee improves mood, which makes the process of losing weight not so boring and painful. But you have to forget about sweet frappuccino and latte with cream - it is recommended to drink only black coffee without any additives.

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But such a coffee diet is not suitable for everyone - you need to be aware of how your body tolerates caffeine, and what dosage you can afford. After all, some people after a cup of coffee suffer from increased heart rate and blood pressure, trembling hands, insomnia and dehydration. If you feel such consequences, go to decaf - this selected variety of coffee beans does not contain caffeine, but completely conveys the aroma and taste of the usual coffee.

cappuccino fit weight loss reviews


There is so much debate around this drink. Some people are crazy about him and think that he is very useful. Others talk incessantly about harmful properties. Therefore, I propose to sort everything out on my own.

The main "targets" on which this drink acts:

On the brain - a stimulating effect. After drinking the drink, the concentration of attention improves, mental activity is activated and the general tone of the body increases.

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On the vessels - there is a twofold effect. The circulatory system of the heart, muscle tissue and kidneys expands. It is with this that some diuretic effect of the drink is associated. The vessels of the abdominal organs are narrowed under the influence of caffeine.

On the heart - it is exciting. After consumption of this drink, the intensity and frequency of contractions of the heart increases. That is why those suffering from hypertension and coronary heart disease with a drink need to be more careful.

cappuccino good for weight loss

In general, the intensity of the effects of caffeine on the human body depends on various factors. First of all, this is the ratio of stimulating and inhibitory receptors in the brain. Most people dominate the latter. And after drinking a cup of coffee, the “brake” is temporarily blocked and alert.


But there are also people who have less inhibitory receptors than gas receptors. They caffeine blocks the stimulating lobes - the brain slows down, and the person begins to experience drowsiness.

Also, the concentration of caffeine entering the brain depends on the state of the liver. After all, it is this body that processes food and drinks. With a lack of liver enzymes, caffeine is filtered worse worse, so the brain receives a large concentration of "activator".


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